Sunday, 9 October 2011

A concert shot courtesy of Ian Gilchrist

We've done some initial mixing of the album and the intention is to get a rough version for everyone in the band to listen to on different systems and to make comments on instrument balance and whether anything needs to be re-recorded or added. At the moment it looks like the album will be twelve tracks with three of them self compositions and the rest traditional although some have new melodies. Bruce will be putting some short clips of some of the 'work in progress' song mixes up on the website for you to listen to in due course.

I am getting near to finishing the shooting for the video of Phaedra and hope to have it uploaded by the end of the year. While on the subject of videos we've had a couple of favourable comments on videos already on YouTube - Film Noir and Shepherds Arise. Thank you to the people concerned. It 's certainly nice to have positive feedback. It makes everything worthwhile.

Regards - John