Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The new term begins

Ed strumming it large at the 2007 charity garden gig - photo by Bruce

Everyone is now back from their holidays and we are starting the new term by taking part in an outdoor charity event organised by Ed's choir group to raise money for the Brigitte Trust.

As I write this the summer rain is falling but I hope by the time of the gig in the middle of August that we'll all be basking in the sun and enjoying ourselves and lots of money will be raised for this worthwhile charity.

Best wishes - John

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Film Noir (Yesterday's News)

Well, I've finally managed to finish off the video for Film Noir and upload it to YouTube. After a bit of help from my computer consultant, I seem to have been able to link the video on YouTube back to the blog. So, if you click on the 'Share' below it should play OK.

I had problems and couldn't get the correct aspect ratio uploading straight to the blog, which is why I've gone via YouTube. And then the audio was overloading so I had to go back to the original material and start all over again.

Phew, I think I'll lie down for a bit now. Regards - John


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Picture of Ziggy (aka Mr Ratty)
in performance on top of the PA speaker at the Hunton concert.
Luckily the cack-handed guitarist didn't get in the way too much.
Photo courtesy of Dave's sister, Kathy.

Well into summer now and members of the band have either been on, are on, or are going on their holidays. I've no idea where they are at the moment. Hopefully everyone will be back in time for when we are next planning to get together, in August. After that we will start making plans for our next concerts and recording. Echoes of school-days - the beginning of a new term.

I've got some ideas for new things to do and, although I hadn't planned to, I have even started working on some ideas for new songs. Early days yet and they may come to nothing, of course. One of them is sort of about Helen of Troy. I think. Who knows what it might end up being about. I often find I start writing about one thing and then it goes off on its own in a different direction. I just go along for the ride. Having started it I noticed that some time ago we'd booked to see Troilus and Cressida and later on Helen, at the Globe over the next few weeks. Hopefully that might give me some inspiration as to how to finish it.

Bye for now. John